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At Crestwood Arboricultural, we are passionate about trees and caring for them in the optimum way. Every team member shares this passion and draws from it to deliver the highest level of service.


Crestwood Arboricultural are equipped to tackle any undertaking, from small trees and hedge cutting to large removals, reductions and estate management on a domestic or commercial scale. We bring a friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable atmosphere to every job, and strive to provide the best advice and attention to any situation.


All of our team are NPTC qualified and trained, and all work is completed in line with BS3998 standards, AFAG and HSE guidelines.


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Tree Felling / Dismantling

Tree felling is the forestry term for cutting a tree down, this involves careful consideration, technique and calculation. Dismantling a tree involves climbing and taking apart a tree sectionally. This can involve rigging and rope work where the tree may be in sensitive grounds or over buildings, roadways, fragile items etc.

Crown Reductions

To reduce the crown of a tree is to reduce its size. It is the cutting back of branches to a growth point further into the crown, thus reducing the shape and size. Consideration must be directed to the severity of a reduction and the stress that it may place on the tree, given the species, age, and health of the tree. It may be a pragmatic solution in a range of situations, for example, to contain the size of a tree in close proximity to a building.


Crown thinning does not affect or alter the size or shape of the tree. It is a systematic removal of smaller branches to achieve a number of things including reducing wind resistance or allowing light to pass through more freely. Much like a reduction, consideration should be placed on what is removed, in order to maintain and protect the stability of the tree’s health.


Crown lifting is the removal of lower primary or secondary branches to raise the height of the canopy (upper layer of the tree). This can allow light into areas immediately under the tree, or simply be a measure to allow vehicles to pass underneath. Consideration should be taken to avoid making large wounds close to the trunk of the tree, especially in older trees, where they could lead to biomechanical problems further down the line.

Hedge Trimming

We can trim and top hedges of any size and species. This can be done to re-shape the hedge or to promote its growth.

Stump Removal

Stumps can often be problematic in many circumstances and can take a significant amount of time to naturally break down. We can poison or grind the stumps out below ground level.

Planting and Tree Sourcing

We can source any tree and plant in the correct manner, as well as advising and recommending on the suitability of a particular species in a certain circumstance.

24-Hours Emergency Call-Out

We are available 24-hours a day every day of the week to deal with hazardous or fallen trees.